Losing weight after delivery isn't all that different from losing weight at any other time, experts say. It mostly requires getting off the couch. However many new moms share the same complaints: fatigue, lack of energy, and an inability to "get going." The irony is that daily exercise has been proven to help increase stamina and improve bodily functions.

Need more motivation to get off the couch and get moving? Consider the following benefits of exercise for moms:

Stronger and healthier bones, muscles, and joints.
Weight loss, reduction in body fat and eventually controlled weight levels.
Increased mental improvement, reduced incidences of postpartum depression, anxieties or stress

There are many fun exercise routines for you and your baby to enjoy together.

Stroller exercises: No matter how old, you and your baby can benefit from walking together. There are also specific stroller exercise programs, that give moms both a cardiovascular workout and a muscle-toning experience.

Yoga:  Post natal Yoga helps to restore your body – the poses are geared toward the post-pregnancy body. There is emphasis on the parts of the body that need it the most such as upper back, neck, shoulders, abdominals and the pelvic floor.  It also rejuvenates your mind – the deep breathing can help calm a tired and overwhelmed new parent’s mind.

Land and Water Aerobics: These are excellent ways for you and baby to get moving, developing bone strength, and fostering a love for physical activity. The cardiovascular workouts will also release endorphins—boosting your mood.

Exercising at home can be convenient for busy moms because it enables them to incorporate a daily routine without having to go far. However the benefits of getting out and joining a specially designed Mommy & Baby fitness class cannot be understated. They are not only a great way to bond with your baby and lose weight, but that they are also a great way to make friends and develop a support network. The support that you are given in these classes as a new mom is amazing. You will find yourself looking forward to every class, not only for the workout but also for the discussions with the other moms about problems or concerns that you have with your baby. Mommy & Baby fitness classes are a fun way to exercise, socialize and bond with your baby all at the same time. And whether you decide to work out on your own or join a class, the most important thing is to stick with it! Your baby will grow up loving physical activity as a healthy habit, and you'll both continue to enjoy the benefits that come by maintaining fitness along the with.

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Body Connection Fitness runs a variety of Mom & Baby fitness & Prenatal classes for any fitness level.

The schedule changes every 2 months and participants can always expect new and fun classes. We have had babies as young as 7 weeks to as old as 10 years join mom. Some moms bring 2 kids. There is never a dull moment as the babies cry, need diaper changes and sometimes breastfeed during the class. Classes are fun, challenging, a great way to get your pre-pregnancy body back, get out of the house and socialize and meet other moms!


For more information contact Jessica Levy, founder of Body Connection Fitness at 250.470.0264 or

The current class schedule can be found on the Body Connection Fitness website.

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